Your Home Concierge has designed four service packages designed to address your needs on every level.  We'd also be happy to custom design a package to suit your specific needs.  Should you require a service that isn't addressed here, please let us know. We're always willing to add services where we can


Estimated Pricing for Packages*

Essential: $120/year     Simplify: $505/year     Balance: $975/year     Elevate: $1,500/year

Additional Services Offered by Your Home Concierge


Vendor Vetting and Selection Services | Home Improvement Project Research | Ring Doorbell Installation | Lock Changes | Picture Hanging | Paint and Caulk Touch Up | Interior Design Services | Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet and Shower Head Replacement | De-clutter and Small Item Sale Arrangement | Much More

Don't see what you're looking for...just ask!



*Footnotes for Package Pricing:


We understand each home is unique and we will work with you to address your needs. Our standard package assumes the following guidelines.

Handyman services assumes 1 hour plus discounted rate for any additional rates

Gutters assume 1 level of gutters, full access and a home of 3500 sq feet or less.

HVAC service assumes one furnace and one AC unit.

Annual sewage cleaning assumes 100 feet of line. If additional issues arise we will notify your of the additional charge before work is complete.

Annual sewage cleaning or HVAC services can be exchanged for 3 handyman hours.

Exterior Window cleaning assumes 25 window panes and clear access to the outside windows.

If any additional charges are required because the home is outside the standard package pricing, YHC will work with you and our vendors to obtain a competitive price.