did you know?


Radon is second only to smoking as the leading cause of lung cancer, killing as many as 20,000 people per year.*

More than one-third of home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties with no smoke alarms while fires in which a smoke alarm was present but did not operate caused one-quarter of those deaths.*
In reported home fires in which smoke alarms were present but did not operate, almost half (47 percent) of the smoke alarms had missing or disconnected batteries and one-quarter (24 percent) had dead batteries.

Every year, over 200 people in the United States die from CO produced by fuel-burning appliances (furnaces, ranges, water heaters, room heaters).*

Soft, absorbent toilet paper and other non-flushable items can result in slowly forming sewage clogs. If those clogs back up for one reason or another, affected homes can expect a dirty, smelly mess of a flood, usually in the basement.
One popular rule of thumb says that one percent of the purchase price of your home should be set aside each year for ongoing maintenance.

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