Who is Your Home Concierge for?


Your Home Concierge was founded by a busy family. But it’s not just for busy families, the advantages of Your Home Concierge can be enjoyed by just about any homeowner. Taking care of your home is not a ‘maybe’ it’s a ‘must’ and we know just how to make that easy and affordable.

First-time home buyers

Many first-timers may not have had exposure or experience with some of the issues we address. I mean, it’s not every day you get handed a 60-page document from a home inspector. What does it all mean?  It’s a lot of information to process and you may need a hand understanding what it all means. Also, there is plenty in the inspection report that could change; radon and carbon monoxide levels just to name a couple.  A clean report once doesn’t mean a clean report forever.  Never fear, first-time home buyer, we are here to help. We love to help new homeowners discover the best ways to stay up to date on maintenance. 

My Home is New…So I’m good, right?

Well…new homes need love too. To keep them in “like-new” condition you have to stay current with routine maintenance. We have many clients who own new homes and are grateful to take advantage of the services we offer.  Yes, a newer home may have fewer age-related problems now, but eventually you’ll be glad you took care when your home was new. Every home needs maintenance. You can take care of your home now with a little effort or later with possibly more effort and definitely more money.

Seniors who are staying in their homes longer

If you’ve spent most of your life building and maintaining a home, there should be no rush to leave it. More and more we see our neighbors, family and clients staying in their homes as they age.  But, often, there are maintenance and repair issues that can cause some unrest and chores that one just shouldn’t be handling on their own.  Think about it, would you rather see a professional up on a ladder or a loved one in that potentially precarious position?  That’s where we come in to help.  We can address these issues and keep everyone safely on the ground.  We think its important to make it safe and easy for older citizens to be able to stay in their homes.  And, if your retirement plans include travel, we’d be happy to look after your home with preventative care and give you peace of mind while you’re away.

Best of all, if you’re in need of a birthday or holiday gift for your “they-already-have-everything” parents or family, a Your Home Concierge gift certificate can be a welcome present. You’ll feel better knowing that your family’s home is being looked after and they will be glad for the break from any unsafe chores.

Busy families

First there is school and work.  Then there are sports practices, play dates, dentist appointments, piano lessons and the tutor.  Oh, also don’t forget doctor visits, community events, social commitments (for you and the kids), school conferences and the car needs an oil change.  Did you mow the lawn? Can you take the dog to the vet? Did I forget to tell you we have family coming into town this week? Now, how do you feel about looking around for a repair person to do some much needed maintenance on the house?   You don’t have to.  Making one call to Your Home Concierge can eliminate at least one thing on your list.  Let us tackle the home care list for now.  We’ll get bids, we can vet vendors and have repairs done while you’re still picking up dry cleaning. And all you have to do is make one call.  You’re welcome.

We’d love to tell you more about how Your Home Concierge can help you protect your home.  Visit our contact pageebsite to learn more or get in touch to schedule your free in-home evaluation.