Vacation mode for your home

You probably already have a mental list going for what needs to be done before you head out for vacation; pack, stop the newspaper, close and lock the windows, etc.  But, did you know there are a few more easy steps you can take to protect your home while you’re away. Your friends at Your Home Concierge have a few tips to share.

Before you leave
If you have time before you take off this summer schedule some routine maintenance.  Your Home Concierge can recommend a few preventative care options before you leave.  We learned the hard way (after coming home from a vacation to a disaster), you need to protect your home even while you’re away. If your vacation is still weeks away, consider having a little work done before you go.  Probably not going to get you in the vacation mood but will set your mind at ease once you’re on your way. 

Put your major systems on vacation too
Your home works partly because people are in it daily – using the water, adjusting the temperature, etc.  When you’re gone you should consider taking some steps to account for that lack of activity.  Start with turning off the main water supply to your house.  This won’t save you much in the way of dollars but could help prevent some damage.  Even a tiny leak – left alone for a few days – could result in a costly repair and damage.  
Also, give your thermostat a break while you’re gone.  Don’t turn it off altogether. Program the temperature a little higher so its not wasting energy cooling and empty house but it is still circulating air.  If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to cool down the day before you return. 

Vacation is a time for unplugging, literally
Before you leave, unplug as much as you can.  Lamps, TVs, small appliances don’t need to be drawing power while you’re away.  Also, this could save some damage in the event of a power surge.  The only exception would be any lights you want to have on a timer.  Timers are a great idea to deter crime, making it look like someone is still in the house.   

Keep pests away while you’re gone
Likely, this goes without saying, but you’ll need to rid your home of perishable food and anything that won’t last while you’re gone.  Lack of activity in your home and the draw of food could lead to unwanted guests.  Clean out your pantry and your fridge and then get the food out of your home.  If you’ve had pests in the past, this might be a good time to call in some reinforcements. Want help?  Give us a call and we can make some suggestions. 

Speaking of help
You can’t control what goes on while you’re gone, so enlist the help of a nearby friend or trusted neighbor.  Make sure they have your contact info so if something does so awry, you can at least be informed.  Also, a neighbor can help with the “making it look like we’re home” stuff like mail and newspapers.  

This summer make sure your vacation is relaxing and enjoyable.  Protect your home with these simple steps and you could avoid problems.  Your Home Concierge always wants to help you protect your home.  If you’d like more information on protecting your home this summer, please reach out for your free consultation.