What is Your Home Concierge?

Do you remember the last time you scheduled maintenance for your home?  Was it easy to find reputable and affordable vendors? Do you remember that feeling you had when you had to face a costly and unexpected repair – fear, panic, anxiety?  If you’ve never had these experiences, you’re lucky.  But chances are, most homeowners have had unfavorable experiences when dealing with home maintenance and repair. Your Home Concierge is committed to removing the anxiety and hassle surrounding the upkeep of your home.   

For those of you that are familiar with Your Home Concierge, you already know how committed we are to helping families reduce the stress of maintaining their home.  For those of you that may not know, we can’t wait to tell you more about our journey and why regular home maintenance is so important to us.  And for those of you asking, “What is Your Home Concierge?” we’ve got that covered for you too.

Your Home Concierge was born out of necessity for us.  After a relaxing vacation away, we returned to find a backed-up sewer line had flooded our basement.  Fear, anxiety and panic doesn’t begin to describe the feeling.  Soon after, we learned that an affordable maintenance option might have prevented this disaster. We sought out a “home care” service to help us stay on top of necessary upkeep.  As we found no affordable options for such a service, we decided to take it on and make it a reality for other families.

Today, we are passionate about home maintenance that can save thousands of dollars.  We’ve done our homework, we’ve made ourselves experts and we are dedicated to helping others stay on top of regular upkeep. We also are committed to giving time and peace of mind to the families we work with.  We want to be your trusted partner.

How does it work?

Your Home Concierge will meet with you, examine your home and make recommendations for major systems in your home.  We work with a team of vetted service professionals who can perform preventative maintenance and care.  And we can even be at your home as these services are provided. YHC offers many options to help protect your biggest asset, your home. We look forward to speaking to you and learning about your home’s unique needs. You can read more here  or get in touch and schedule your free consultation today.