What IS the deal with Radon?

What do you think when you hear radon? I bet you either tune it out as something that just doesn’t apply to you or you see it as a buzzword used to sell you some gadget for your home.

Or maybe you remember seeing it on the closing documents when you bought your house and since no one made a big deal about it you put it out of your mind. 

Before we started Your Home Concierge we really did our homework. We truly wanted to know what issues homeowners like us were facing – hidden and obvious. We were victims of a hidden danger in our sewer line that we could have easily mitigated with regular maintenance.

We dug deep into overlooked dangers that could be avoided with preventative care.  Time and again, we heard about radon; just how dangerous it could be and how easy it was to discover and treat. The statistics were shocking.

Today, if we had one goal, it would be to let homeowners know about radon. And now, if you have just 5 minutes we want to tell you what we know….

What is Radon anyway? 
Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that exists in all types of soil.  Radon is the by-product of decomposing uranium. But don’t panic. Chances are there are trace amount of radon just about everywhere. Small amounts of radon can seep into a home from the soil. Yes, even through concrete. The trouble comes when radon builds up over time. This is why radon monitoring and detecting is so important. While you may have gotten a clean bill of health at your closing, that doesn’t mean you’ll be radon free forever. 

If its “trace amounts” is it really that dangerous?
Well, not to worry you, but yes. It can be dangerous. The Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today.  Honestly, we could quote surprising facts, but you can also read more about it here.  If there is a significant buildup of radon detected in your home, you will need professional mitigation to make your home safe again.  Not only can this be costly and inconvenient, it could be easily avoided with regular testing and monitoring.  Radon testing and discovery is so important to your home’s health that Your Home Concierge will offer a FREE radon testing kit to any new clients who begin service with us in 2018.  Yes, it’s really that important. 

What else am I missing? 
Honestly? Probably a lot. You should be using a Carbon Monoxide detector also.  Speaking of detection, double check your smoke alarms and detectors. At a minimum, you should be doing these things quarterly.  

We get it. Owning a home and keeping up on maintenance can be a full-time job. We can help. Give us a call and let us give you a free consultation about what preventative care your home may benefit from.