'Tis the Season of Giving

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Once Thanksgiving is over it seems that just about everyone’s thoughts turn to Christmas and more specifically gift giving. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the endless ads on TV, radio and in print remind us that we have to find the perfect gift.  In reality, we are often left wondering What do I get for this person that has everything? How much should I spend? Will they like this gift?  No doubt, gift giving between grown-ups is cause for more stress than necessary.  We think we have a cure. 

Did you know that Your Home Concierge offers gift packages for all times of the year – and could be especially useful this holiday season?  Think about a pre-made Your Home Concierge package or create your own custom bundle of services. We’ve heard some great reviews from gift-givers and recipients alike.

Perfect for a new homeowner

If you have new homeowners on your Christmas list this year we’ve got you covered.  New homeowners can benefit from some services that they may not have the resources to handle on their own.  Tools are expensive, and the know-how is not something you just happen to get at closing.  Giving a new homeowner a Your Home Concierge package can get them started in their new home much better than any appliance or home décor item. 

Perfect for older homeowners

When was the last time you were able to buy a gift for a parent or older friend with little to no stress?  It can be hard, right?  Seems like the older a person gets the more they ‘have everything they want or need’ or just become hard to buy for.  Professional services for the home offered by Your Home Concierge can be a useful and very thoughtful answer. By buying a gift package for an older home owner you are also buying peace of mind knowing they won’t have to complete dangerous or cumbersome tasks around their home. 

Personally speaking, I can tell you that providing these services for my own parents has been a great gift to all of us.  We were able to give them assistance in a respectful and helpful way.  The gift offers these services to my elderly parents without it seeming like they needed to ask for help or there are things they CANNOT do. Also, with the handyman service, they are able to pick the tasks they want help with and the ones they don’t want to do.

Peace of mind from across the miles

If you’re not in Colorado, giving a Your Home Concierge gift package to a friend or family can be a gift for you also.  You can rest assured that we are putting your thoughtful gift to use.  Our vendors are highly vetted, and we are taking the best care of your friends’ home.  Bonus, if you’re purchasing a package that includes spring and summer services, they’ll be thinking of you months from now, too.

We can offer you a selection of services that are packaged for convenience or we can talk more about your specific needs and create a custom package that will suit your unique gift giving needs. Get in touch and we’d be thrilled to help you create a thoughtful and useful gift

 Happy Holidays!