Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Earlier this fall we dipped our toe into the very first taste of winter. The snow was flying a few weeks ago and for some, panic was in the air.  We are fortunate to have a reprieve before we head into real winter with no breaks.  We’ve touched on a few things back in August. Click here to check out some winter preparedness from August.  But we thought of a few more things you should be checking from your list before winter.

Take it outside, again

We can’t overstate the importance of taking care of the outside of your home.  As the weather gets cold and wet you should pay attention to keeping the outside out and the inside in.  Look at the cement, concrete and masonry surrounding your home.  While the weather is warm enough, you should seal up cracks and make repairs. Small cracks in cement can trap water and freeze it causing frost heaves, cracking and costly repairs.  It sounds like a small thing, but it can also make a difference when it comes to keeping your interior warm and dry. 

Another worthwhile project is insulation.  Do you have enough? Is it still effective?  Insulation can degrade and lose effectiveness with age, water and or dust damage.  It is worth calling a professional if you have any reason to think twice about insulation. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Finally, check your windows and doors from the outside.  Do they all close properly? Are you seeing or feeling any gaps? While you might not need a total window replacement, you could benefit from some assistance with any cracks from settling, sealing up gaps and keeping your windows in tip top shape. 


The winterizing job is not done with just the exterior of your home.  Once you’ve shored up the exterior of your home. Your furnace and your ducts will need some special attention (more about your furnace and ducts in our next blog).

And if you’ve checked your windows and doors from the outside, a look around on the inside is worth your time, too.  Store-bought window sealing kits might work in a pinch but if you’re using them for more than one season, you might have a bigger issue you should address.  Your home will thank you.

If your plans include snuggling up by the fire, take the time now to ensure you won’t have any problems with your wood-burning fireplace.  Schedule your winter wood delivery as soon as you can. You don’t want to be stacking firewood in the cold and snow, right? And, if you haven’t had chimney service recently you really should.  Soot and ash collecting in your chimney is messy and dangerous.  Chimney maintenance on your wood-burning fireplace can save you from problems like smoke damage and even a fire. 


Don’t be. We can help.  It’s not too late but time is running out.  If you need assistance getting your home – inside and out – ready for the winter give us a call and we can assist.  Without a doubt it is worth your time and money to have maintenance performed and address any issues before there is an emergency.  Tackling a problem is never ideal. And tackling it in the snow and cold makes it even worse. 

We’re excited to see some snow soon and even more eager to get our friends, neighbors and clients ready to enjoy it too.