Who Needs a Handyman? You Might...

Not all home maintenance tasks have to be a big deal.  Yes, taking care of your home is important, but sometimes you just need a little help, an extra hand or a little guidance. This is exactly why each package from Your Home Concierge comes with a few “handyman” hours and the opportunity to purchase more if needed.  But what exactly is that?  Do I need a handyman? What kind of stuff does a handyman handle? We hear these questions from time to time so, we’d like to explain a little more about the benefits of having a handyman. 

When your “to-do” list is a hassle

No matter how large or small, every home has a to do list; fix that leak, find out what that smell is, hang some art work, etc. But how many items on your list are actually getting done?  If they were getting done, there would be no list, right?  Well, with a handyman appointment you could really eliminate all or most of that list that has been hanging over your head.  And, with a professional, you know the tasks will be done right and efficiently.  A few hours with a handyman could be productive and educational, too.

I don’t need a Handyman…I’m handy

If you could do it all, you would have done it already, right? We hear from homeowners all the time who don’t think they will ever take advantage of this service. Usually we hear back from them in a few weeks or months asking about a handyman. Seriously, there should be no shame in working with a handyman.  We know you can do it by yourself, but you get busy or distracted and it doesn’t get done.  And sometimes you just need an extra set of hands.  Calling a professional to help you is not admitting defeat. It is smart and responsible.  Call the right person for the job and get it done right.  It’s that simple.

Seasonal help

As the weather is turning rapidly cooler there are some seasonal tasks that just can’t wait.  Get your home winterized with some handyman help and you can be cozied up by the fire before you know it. Also, a professional may be able to spot something in your home or yard that needs attention – something you may have missed.  A handyman could get your home, garage and yard into shape for winter with just a few hours, it doesn’t have to take all weekend (or multiple weekends). Same goes for spring and summer.  Next year, you and a handyman could easily bring your home out of hibernation in time for April showers and May flowers.

We know, everyone is busy and while it is important, it can be a challenge to make simple home tasks a priority.  Hiring a handyman can be a simple and cost effective way to make sure the work is getting done and getting done right.  Give us a call. We’d love to help.