How does Your Home Concierge work?

We provide preventative home maintenance and service reminders to keep your home healthy. We will start by asking questions and assessing the specific needs of you and your home. Next we review our services and packages to make recommendations to best meet your needs. 

Who can benefit from your services? 
Our vast menu of services are designed to be a benefit to just about every homeowner.  If you’re buying your first home, we’d love to help with education and service reminders for things that you might not even know about. Busy families can take advantage of many time-saving services we provide. Retired and older homeowners can take the stress out of home maintenance by calling on Your Home Concierge for any tasks they feel are cumbersome or dangerous. Friends and family of Seniors can even gift services for additional piece of mind. We can assist property managers and domestic services providers by taking on much of their home-related to-do list. 

What is the advantage of your packages and services?
Studies show that preventive maintenance is much more cost effective than being reactive after something has failed. Not only do you greatly reduce the likelihood of a costly repairs or causing major damage to your home, but it helps ensure the safety of your family. 

Our goal is to keep your home healthy, help protect the safety of your family and in the long run reduce the cost of maintaining home. Dealing with home maintenance issues when they are small usually saves money compared to  dealing with damage and replacing systems.  

Do homeowners of new homes benefit from Your Home Concierge services?
Maintaining a new home is very important in retaining the value of your investment and protecting the safety of you and your family.  Our goal is to properly maintain your home reducing the need to replace expensive systems.  

Does someone need to be present when we complete our service call?
If you are not able to be home during an interior service visit, Your Home Concierge founders can be present.  Our vendors are highly vetted and we are dedicated to not only maintaining your home but ensuring you are comfortable with our services even when you can’t be home..